Last minute ski deals over new year

What is a ski package?

Couples and smaller groups should be ok leaving it last minute as it is likely that there will be spaces available just as long as you are not too fussy where you go! Read more.

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Display Results 9 per page 12 per page 24 per page 36 per page 45 per page 60 per page 99 per page. Sort result by Select Enquire Now View Details. For something a little different, Ruka in Finland is a great place for beginners to earn their spurs while Saas Fee in Switzerland has a glacier where snowboarders can train year-round. The sense of euphoria that being in the mountains can bring, plus the extra buzz the adrenaline provides, means the party atmosphere goes from faster than you can mumble 'ein bier bitte' at the bar.

At the best bars, it's like New Year's Eve every night.

Not all ski resort nightlife is so supercharged, however, and if you want to sample the best of it, you want to shop around. But if you can't bear the idea of being marooned in the middle of 1, sweaty, beery twenty somethings, that's fine too: the mountains are full of resorts where a quiet and relaxing drink is the more acceptable means of unwinding after a day on the slopes. In fact, a lot of it can be disappointing if you find yourself in the wrong resort.

So here are few rules of thumb by which to steer yourself. A word of warning about your travel insurance One important point to note is that most ski and snowboard insurance policies have specific exclusions for accidents caused by excessive alcohol or drug consumption.

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If you were to hurt yourself after a night out on the tiles, your cover may be void. This almost certainly applies during the evening itself - unless you can either show the drinking was totally unrelated, or there are other circumstances that apply for example, someone spiking your drink. It may also apply if it can be shown that any accident suffered on the slopes the next day was directly caused by your drinking the night before. Ski holidays with large groups of friends or family are a blast.

You've got a readymade social life, a vast pool of skiing buddies, and guaranteed night life. It's no wonder so many people take their ski and snowboarding holidays this way. And skiing and snowboarding are very social activities. Any piste, whether green or black, is better skied in company.

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And all off-piste descents should be tackled as part of a properly organised group, for safety's sake. Could you go on a solo ski holiday instead? Follow our tips for group and solo ski and snowboard holidays. Group ski holidays 5 top tips to remember. What type of accomodation? It depends how many of you there are. If there are less than 20 of you, you'll probably find a chalet to house everyone - provided you start your search early enough up to a year in advance in the case of New Year's Eve or February half term if you want an A-list resort.

If there are more of you than this, then a chalet-hotel is the answer. Discounts Party leaders have serious purchasing power.

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At every stage you should be looking for discounts - from the tour operators, from the ski hire shops, from ski school. The only place you probably won't get a sympathetic hearing is from the lift-pass office. Skiing together The cardinal rule of group skiing is - don't ski in a group!

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  • At least, not in a mixed-ability group. It may seem like the sociable thing to do, but you'd be much better off splitting up into smaller parties who ski more or less at the same level. You'll actually do group cohesion more harm than good if the experts start dragging the intermediates down slopes that are too steep - and besides, they'll get bored waiting at the bottom for everyone else to follow them. Ski insurance Make sure everyone in your group has insurance!

    Depending on which country you're skiing or boarding in, mountain rescue and medical treatment can be expensive. So too are lost or stolen equipment and delayed flights, so ensure that everyone understands the importance of a good quality winter sports policy. Solo skiers 5 Top tips to remember. Solo friendly holidays Several companies based in the UK organise holidays which are either aimed specifically at solo skiers or snowboarders, or which tend to suit them.

    In the latter category are the holidays which are designed to help you improve your technique. On them, you'll find plenty of other skiers or snowboarders who want to master a new skill and can't find anyone among their friends and family who has the same ambition. When you book, you can tell the company whether or not you'd like to share a room, and they'll try to match you up with someone of similar age and interests of the same sex, of course - they're not dating services! Regular tour operators are also clued up about the solo-skiing scene - some offer a range of hotels which offer one-person rooms with no single supplement charged.

    When to go Avoid the school holidays like the plague. Holidays during these weeks are far more expensive than at other times of the season, and other adults without children avoid them too.

    Picking the right resort Don't go to the ski resorts with family-friendly reputations. That way, you'll have plenty to do in the evenings, and you'll find plenty of your fellow-countrymen in ski school - you don't want to be the only English-speaker there! Follow our great advice on getting the right gear and lift pass. Gearing up for a ski holiday isn't as hard as it seems.

    You only need to buy a bare minimum of ski equipment - and the rest can be rented, if you can't borrow it from friends or family. Check out the full list of what to bring, below.

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    How do I know if my ski boots fit? The first time you put on a pair of ski boots you won't believe how clumsy they are. But despite what people will tell you, they don't actually need to be uncomfortable. The feel you should be looking for is that of a firm handshake, but not a bone-crunching one. Ski boots need to fit snugly, or else they won't communicate the movements of your legs and feet to the skis, but if they're too tight it quickly becomes counter-productive. You'll be in too much agony to be able to concentrate on what you're doing.

    What ski equipment to take with you. Your lift pass Some ski resorts will allow you to use the lifts on the nursery slopes for free, so you may not need a lift pass for the first few days of your skiing holiday.

    Special Offers

    Check before you buy one! If you do need to open your wallet, make sure you're buying only the basic pass. Many resorts have, over the years, clubbed together to offer joint passes, which allow better skiers and snowboarders to access a wider area. But these passes are more expensive, and you won't do them justice in your first week. However, do ensure that you have read the terms and conditions of your policy to ensure you are aware of looking after your equipment, what to do if items are lost or stolen, the levels of cover for any individual item, and any relevant excess that would need to be paid.

    It's also worth checking out whether your policy will cover you if you have your lift pass stolen or you lose it. After all, it's your access to the slopes you've been so looking forward to. How do you get the most out of your skiing or snowboarding holiday, now you're really getting a handle on your technique? Here are a few pointers for advanced skiers and snowboarders. There are so many other ski resorts that will provide you with an unforgettable trip and that guarantee superb ski runs.

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    This country has yet another record with the Vanoise Express. It is the biggest and fastest double-decker cable car in the world. Take note: On a winter holiday in France you can look forward to variety, awesome ski pistes and many other highlights. Switzerland can not be left off the list of the most popular ski holiday destinations.

    The Swiss Alps guarantee picturesque ski resorts with snow covered landscapes.

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